I'M GOING TO DO IT Motivational Article

i was always trying to learn i was

always trying to figure out
what i was doing wrong and what mistakes
i was making because
if you don't do that then that you're
gonna get passed by and other people are
gonna figure some new way of doing it
and you're gonna be left in the dark
you can get defined easily by other
perceptions of you my whole life i was
when i was a young man i was convinced i
was a loser absolutely convinced
until i started getting really good at
martial arts
i never thought i was good at anything i
just had a very low self-esteem
and i was limiting myself by what i
thought were
other people's opinions of me in the
of working on your dreams you are going
to incur incur a lot of disappointment
a lot of failure a lot of pain
a lot of setbacks a lot of defeat
but in the process of doing that you
will discover some things about yourself
that you don't know
right now what you will realize is
that you have greatness within you what
you'll realize

is that you're more powerful than you
could ever begin to imagine
what you will realize is that you're
greater than your circumstances
that you don't have to go through life
being a victim
but i think that you you absolutely
can be limited by your perceptions of
someone's definitions of you
but you can break through that stuff
that's what you break through
with discipline that's where you break
through with hard work and concentration
and focus
and that's why it's so important to have
like either a discipline or an art or
something that you're trying to create
or something that you're really focusing
because if you don't have like a point
of focus as a human
i think it's very hard to get through
this life and
have an appreciation for for true
struggle because our physical struggle
with what our bodies are designed for
the cavemen of ten thousand plus years
our bodies are still designed for that
that physical struggle doesn't really
manifest itself
when you're sitting in front of a
cubicle you know in front of a computer
and a cubicle
in this unnatural position all day i
think the whole situation
is very confusing for the human body and
we don't get the tests that we need
in order to have what you would call
personal sovereignty
so you've got to impose those tests on
yourself i don't believe in faking it
until you make it
you know what entrepreneurism is right
it's the greatest self-discovery process
in the history of mankind
and you learn more about yourself what
you don't know your resiliency how tough
you are
what your weaknesses are by being an
entrepreneur it's probably the greatest

self-discovery program
in the history of the world it's also
this it's the greatest self-improvement
program with the highest compensation
package possibly attached to it too
that's what entrepreneurs it was a
self-improvement program
with massive compensation package
attached to it and that's why
too many of you are too focused on
growing your company and not focusing up
on growing you
because your company will never ever
exceed your identity
or your vision for it you got to grow
you because what will happen
when it starts to grow you'll start
making unconscious mistakes
shrinking making bad calls getting weak
getting lazy making mistakes
you're all nodding because you've all
done it because at some point your
business got ahead of you
it will never exceed your identity and
your vision because if the company
catches your vision if the company
catches your identity
you're dying
the jack indicated i was born in miami
florida an area
called liberty city in an abandoned
building on a hard linoleum floor
with my twin brother we were six weeks
of age
we were adopted when i was in fifth
grade i was identified as emr
labeled educable mentally retarded put
back from the fifth grade into the
fourth grade
and stayed in that category until i got
out of high school
i don't have any college training but i
met a high school teacher who one day
changed my life i was waiting on another
and when he came in he said to me young
man go to the board and write what i'm
about to tell you
and i said i can't do that sir he said
why not
i said i'm not one of your students he
said it doesn't matter follow my
directions now i said i can't do that
he said why not i said because i'm
educable mentally retarded
and he came from behind his desk and he
looked at me he said don't ever say that
someone's opinion of you does not have
to become your reality
act as if you already had the goal that
you desire
so let us say for example you want to be
financially independent you want to be
financially successful
how would you behave if you were
financially successful how would you
how would you organize your life how
would you treat other people
sometimes i say imagine that you are
independent you're independently wealthy
and you're only doing your current job
as a courtesy to your boss and to keep
yourself busy during the day
but basically you're an extremely
wealthy person you've inherited an
enormous amount of money
from some source how would you behave if
you were
already the wealthy person that you
desire to be
many people don't realize that if you if
you behave
like a poor person there's an old saying
that poor people
poor folks have poor ways if you behave
like a poor person you'll always be poor
if you dress like a bum
if you have a messy home or apartment if
your car is
dirty with junk in the back seat that's
how poor people live
and what happens is you're surrounding
yourself with the image of being
poor and you cannot change your outer
world until you change your
inner world i remember recently i got to
introduce two of my modern day
it was richard branson and stan
lee yeah the co-creator of spider-man
x-men and avengers and fantastic four
and we're going to dinner i remember
asking stan i was like
i have to know you you've created all
these incredible superheroes
who's your favorite and he looks at me
without a blanket he's like iron man
i'm like that's awesome and then he's
like jim who's your favorite superhero
and he had this spider-man tie so i was
like spider-man
and without a pause he says with great
power comes
and how do we all know that right it's
like in our dna
right so we're going on this superheroes
journey together here
at a-fest and i'm thinking about it i'm
like and i grew up with these challenges
and i had
you know dyslexia and i i flip things
around in my mind and
part of my issues growing up and i
flipped it in my mind i was like you
know with great power comes great
responsibility when you're in a position
of power you have great responsibility
to wield that power well and the
opposite is also true
with great responsibility comes great
right when you take responsibility for
something you have great power to what
to change things it transforms things to
make things better when i said
you know with great responsibility comes
great power
the most important thing to be
responsible for is how you
feel does that make sense and who
controls how you feel
how many people are feeling pretty good
right now yeah and notice
that these kind of things it's you know
why metaphorically i look at you
more like a thermostat than a
is there a difference between a
thermometer and thermostat
yes or yes a thermometer does what what
does the thermometer do what's the
yeah it takes the time it reflects and
we it reacts to the environment is that
it just reacts the environment and we
are sometimes
you know we're thermometers we react to
the weather if we're honest
the economy to politics we react to how
people treat us
sometimes but is there a gap between how
something someone stimulates us and how
we respond
do we have choice yes or yes the
between a thermometer and a thermostat
though is a thermometer thermometer
reacts the environment what's the
thermostat do though
yeah it regulates right it helps manage
it sets a standard or a vision or a goal
and then what happens the environment it
raises to be able to do that is there a
yes or yes and so that's where we're
going back to responsibility when we're
talking about being responsible the
ability to be able to respond
is how you feel about things and also
how you focus on things
there were four levels of learning okay
let me tell you what the levels are
some of you might know if you've been
through any self-development this is
some very basic stuff but it's important
the first level is called being
incompetent and what that means is this
when you first start doing something you
know so little about it you basically
know nothing
you don't know what you don't know this
is a very scary spot to be and when
you're thrown into a situation
and you're a complete novice you said
geez i'd love to get better at this but
i haven't the slightest idea what i
don't know
everyone follow that concept this is
what most people start off okay
the next level is becoming consciously
incompetent that means that you're like
jesus christ
i don't know anything you're like this
this is that
is that it's always strategies they all
celebrate i don't know them
that's the next level next level above
is called being consciously competent
consciously competent means that you're
good at something
but you can't really do it with your
eyes closed yet you're good but it
requires all your focus and your mental
energy like remember we were kids
growing up you learned to tie your shoe
in the beginning you're like tie your
shoe like
you're putting your things across and
someone says excuse me like
don't interrupt me you can't tie your
shoe and have a conversation at the same
right that's when you're consciously
confident this thing
it requires all your conscious focus the
next level above that
is called being unconscious
confidence and that means when you're
really really great at something
you can do it without thinking about it
and the only way
to get from conscious competence
to unconscious competence is through
there's no other way by drilling it into
your head
again and again and again and again
and again until your brain just clicks
and all of a sudden using the
unconscious part of your mind
which is infinitely more powerful than
your conscious mind


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