RESET YOUR MINDSET || Best Motivational Article

People wake up every morning have doubts
They are afraid to lose in a Ferrari
Their defeat in a race or a race and then
They just leave if very often
I will be touring in the mile run or
Something like that and i'm doing everything
Broken mines of broken bodies above souls
When i broke up i started saying what can i do
Pull it
Shut up talk too much and never shut up
I told you talk less and cry moore
You hear me talk less and grind more or
The next level is about w2 ol a
We hint that maybe it's about everything
Time when you lose something you're one
Step closer to winning next time
There are differences between successful people
When i succeed people don't succeed
Go to navy first
Recruitment office he saw me and
Only 35 African-Americans and stated
70 years you know it, I said
What about myself if i can be 36
What if i could pull a miracle
What if i could be someone that nobody
Thinks i can be and just means
Talking about i have hair
On my arms because it just makes me
Like what if I lost everything
You can seriously imagine that i have been
Put down and everything that can go
Wrong for me wrong but i just
Some of you are going where you are not
You don't have what you want
You don't have what you want

To do because you have never been exposed
How is it and my life before
Change i started hanging around
Millionaire i hang around
Successful Business Owners I Started
Success rubbed it off at around
Kid go go go go go explore
The things you are interested in are not deep
If you don't know then optimize ahead of time
What do you want to do then don't start
Chasing something with all your might
It is okay to be dirty
It's okay to break like that
Early period of your life in your early 20s
Man it's not very good making a lot
Spend money as long as you can eat
And how shocked you will be
The money it takes is ok
Discovering bumblebee playing around whatever they do
Have to start looking for things
That will really give you energy
You serve incredibly well because
Feeling alive is the name of
To learn is the most difficult thing in life
Winning is easy you win is easy
You are happy you got a high five
Friends are happy it's your ability

Take a loss the next day dust
Keep yourself off this week and keep moving forward
What i want you to do for me i want
You work on what you heard
I said i want you to work for your work
Some of you want to increase salary
Some of you want to promote some of you
I wanna leave your legacy so i got it
Words for you if you want to do this
Listen to me very closely if you
Want to zero in on you
If you want to get paid
If you want to pay more then pay more
Often if you want to be able to do more
See if you want your character to develop you
Want to be able to opportunities
And on your job or just responsibilities
In life you've never done before
Let me tell you which RT I need
You to upgrade your work and so I
You have to work at your job
Anything in your life
Ever so badly you wanted
Wish it was such a hunger
For that you can't stop thinking
It can be a career move about it
When you're a kid it's a car
It could be a relationship
Anything has been done but you were obsessed
You wanted to do

You wanted to attract it into your life
You just wanted something and you want
Don't even know how to get it
Was thinking too much
About every day and darshan
Imagine feeling it and then stuff
Happened and suddenly you started
Attract people or situations to you
Life and it came together like you
There was no overall plan
Just that it was part of your attention
With so much intensity and emotion
Often that it makes you sensitive to notice
Anything that can get you there
There is a part of your brain called
Reticular activation system to ensure
Call it RAS which is part of your brain
It determines what you see in the world
And it's really important because when
When you get really clear you set a goal
At a glance they are very strong
Reason and you review it enough
Becomes that part of you that is part of you
The brain says anything that relates to it
I need to notice that you have ever done this
Buy a certain type of car or maybe a
Some organization suddenly you see that car
Everywhere are those outfits
Well you know cars were always
All around but why do you see it ma'am
Because your mind knows that it's important
This is how it is now part of my world
When you're really clear and it's
Compelling and you're reviewing it every
There are strong reasons for the day you are watching
It's every day and you're feeling it
The brain becomes incredibly intense
You don't see anything to move
So much more
the power of

So you know what people do with new
Year resolutions they come with
Something they like
It's not a compelling vision that they don't
Really strong enough reason and
Until they review it again
Note that they broke what they said
Because they really want to do this
If you don't really solve
Resolve you got it sight
Compelling you review it daily and you
Feel that you imagine it and you
It sounds simple because all it takes
Ideas don't work until you work
And some of the best things you can do
Getting on really well and making one
Your big five in a one page plan
Five things that need to be done
This is your best year for the year
Plan your top five values ​​on one page
Keep them on the same plan as your top five plan
Sub-goals are indexed every quarter
This year a one page plan and
Every morning when your competition or
The rest of the world is sleeping
At 5:00 am i will teach you how to do
That these are future videos, but see you
One page plan spends 20 minutes on it
So this one brain tattoo becomes an irritation
Passion then lights it all with you
Inspiration is why you vote in the world and
You understand that clarity is power and
You know so closely what to do
Happened this week during this day
This year this month to get you
Because close to the top of your mountain
Although the hours are simple
People ruin extraordinary people
Because they are not the most bored
Most people need medicine
Myself with too much tv
Facebook too much video too much
Chitchat is very busy because they
Don't know their goals because they
They don't have a one page plan because they
Not a page
Schedule means i've got my schedule
Almost everything every seven days
It needs to be done and you can do it
Robin well this is a very harsh way

It's a very free way to live
Because then i have the power to live
Life on my own terms i feel inspired
Not wasting every day i'm taking advantage of each
Day and one of the biggest hang-ups
Believe in people
They themselves suffer from it
Some years are called self-doubt
First I read something and it was done by Ralph
Waldo immersion
That was this essay on self-reliance
We want to do what we want to do
Trust yourself and they said
Every person will have a time
Education when he felt jealous
Ignorance and imitation is suicide
Many people see someone who is doing
Probably very well in the same area
They are in and envy what you know
Who is saying that i am not saying
Know if i have the same mental faculties
You got it i'm drawing on it
Ability you're drawing over there
There's only one mind i don't know
I'm jealous thinking you can
Something i am not able to come true
If you can do it i can
Jealousy is ignorance
And they said that copying is suicide
Know that nothing will happen in this universe
Let's go in the right order
It's all true in the universe
It is necessary that you take away any part
Nothing is complete and
Everything in the universe moves in one
Very precise way so that you see us
Don't want to be like anyone
Because we are unique we really are
Something unique about us
Said that you'll never find another person
We are unique and we have found God
Ability to think now what is dirt itself
Self doubt
Self confidence comes with confidence
I would imagine like you
Company you can actually drive your car
You are so sure you will be
Are you talking to someone on the phone
Get in the car you will start the car
You'll drive and you'll probably drive four
Or even five blocks are not unknown
What you've done is all done automatically
Is on your concentration
Your life and when you interact
Get in a car first you couldn't
That car was probably all jumping
On the spot and you thought you
Never learned how to run it
But you learned how to drive it there
You are very comfortable
Believe when you can be ready
You wake up in the morning when you
Little boy or little girl you can't
Teach what to do well
You know that confidence is liked by everyone
Confidence comes with this knowledge and
The more you study, the more you
Understand who you are
You will be confident and you
Ability to do whatever you are doing
Are doing and you know if you will lack
Believe it in one area because it is you
Don't like the information in that area
Doubt yourself and when you do
Understand the reason for that doubt
It's not inside you, it's in rome
Understanding that you are not understanding
Where are you studying yourself
Will develop confidence and self


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