Separate Yourself - Positive Morning Motivation || Motivational Speech 2020

Never let what you say in me
The way your audience wants to hear
Conduct communication ask intelligence
They listen to what they are telling you
And then craft and make out a story
Your experiences and the things you have seen
And learn to start allowing them to see
Detached vision
What did they have when you came
Orchestration and experience that
Experience is key with information
Change people everyone is thin
Rich and happy
Most people have goals in life
Book you think you should be goal oriented
It's the first mistake yes you need
Goal but there is something beyond
Goals but you look for successful people
There is a lot about vision
What are you doing here to create a vision
Work is what really makes you excited
Is there a vision for a vision
It's not really what you really want
Think what you want or have
If you have focused on
And as you sound will convince you
Myself every day every day every day
You will see a difference in
The things you are selling
Ability to perform yourself and on
Job to achieve a certain objective
Telling myself every day that hair regrow
And I thought this is my day
And nothing's gonna stop me
If you change everything
Change for you don't change
What's out
All you need to change is inside
To do more you just have to be
And then they said that I wish it didn't happen
Easy wish you were better not wish
Desire for more skills for less problems
Start working on yourself to make these
Personal change will change it all
When you want to be as bad as successful
If you want to breathe you will
Will succeed when you want to
Succeed as bad as you want to breathe
Then we will succeed and here i am
Tell me number one that most of you say
You want to be successful but you're not
It's bad you just want it
It's no worse than you want it
The party is not as fit as you want
Most of you don't want to calm down
Success is as much as you want to sleep
Some success and I'm telling you here
To be successful you must be
You ready to sleep
Is willing to work for three hours
Sleep two hours if you really want to be
You have to succeed in a few days
Stay on the road for three days because
If you sleep you will miss
Opportunity to succeed how
Bad you want me to boil it down
Five major pieces for the life puzzle
Let's just review those number one
Darshan darshan as i taught
Last time i appeared here
Personal opinion is predominant
How to Determine Factors in Your Life
Outside philosophy major works
How to Determine Factors in Your Life
Our form works in philosophy
Philosophy you got to use that
A thought came to your mind and it
Whole process on starting a lifetime
Came back here when we were kids
Schools we have included our parents
Our experience is all that
We have processed by thinking process
Helps to develop our philosophy and
My opinion is personal
Philosophy is the major factor in how
Your life works here i called
In that last presentation when i was
Here it is called the set of sails
Everyone has a personal vision
What is the sail set like here
Exciting about each person's personal
Philosophy that makes us
Dogs and animals differ from birds
Spiders are alligators and so it makes us
Is different than all other life forms
Your ability to think
Keep in mind the ability to process ideas and
Not just driven by instinct
I tell you laugh in winter
Can only fly south
What if the south doesn't feel great
Tough luck
It can only fly south but can see humans
Creatures are not like swans, they only fly.
South i mean you can roam
North you can go east, you go west
Can order your own entire process
Life and we do what we think
We do that we use our brains
Process thoughts and come up
A better one with a better philosophy
Strategy for our life goals
Ok plan to achieve those goals
It comes from our development

Philosophy helps us
Process when we are well available
Go here we got seed and we got soil and
We got some rain and we got some
Sunshine and we've got some weather and
What is the miracle of life now
How do you do all this
Do you turn all this stuff
Available in equity and promise here
And lifestyle and dreams and future
The possibilities of all this
Now how is it possible with either creatures
You take all this stuff and turn it on
It starts equally
Philosophy is what is seed
Soil it's sunny what is rain
Is it possible to take something from each
All the goods available and
Turned into food
Convert it to value and turns
Nutrition turns it into something
Brilliant and unique that no one else
Life form can answer yes
You can't do all this stuff
What to do with it until you start
Refine your philosophy and think about using
The mind comes with thoughts and becomes strong
There is an energy in your vision
The universe is something
Each one of us and it is
And you are in the universe
Connected to it in a way that is often
Oh supposedly different from us
It's invisible because it's in the world
What we call soul is the world
No content and I would like to suggest
That you allow your mistrust
Know yourself you're not a human
Being a spiritual experience
But this is the other way
You are spiritual to be a human being
And the quality of your human experience
Really depends on how much
You use this invisible intelligence and
How do you connect with this energy one more time
You have an awareness you can never
Be apart of it and you and this
Whatever you say it doesn't matter
No problem if you call it god
If you say you call it divine presence
This soul you can call it soul
Call it consciousness
Do you call it christ consciousness
You can call it Buddha consciousness
Call it louise you can call it edna
You can call it one time ralph alan watt
Said you can't get wet
The word water is not the word that allows
You want to experience water and whatever
Is that you call it something
Different from when i was
Walking here in the evening
Beautiful ground i saw some people
Looking at flowers and different
Plants that were growing and as they were
Seeing them there is a
Someone who was clearly an expert
Some kind of botanist and he was trying
To convince every one of the people
What was the name for the technical name
Every flower and me was
Don't see it and think it
No matter what you say, you can't enjoy it
Look at that thing is orange and it
Just came out of there
Something too deep to enjoy
Going there instead and with it
This was one of the reasons I suffered from labeling
Very famous Danish theologian his name
Soren was Kierkegaard, he once said
Once you label me
After putting a label you deny me
Put me and me in a box or a
Some kind of category I should have made
What is it that you labeled me
So that we want to live
To practice our life and principles
High awareness without it happening
What I call an ordinary human is consumed with
Awareness is a general human awareness
Just belief or belief
System that i'm a human maybe i'm
Being a spiritual experience i'm not
Quite sure but high human awareness
Sometimes called east city
Awareness in the west is called
Higher consciousness or Christ
Consciousness for many names but when
You get beyond just knowing yourself
This body and this personality and this
The thing you live in and start
Feel who you are
Never born and never die
You recognize your eternal self
That's really what this program is about
It's really about recognizing power
Ability to be able to energy
What does it say in some of the most sacred
Books you've ever read
At least i can do all of you
Have done and even more and more things and
It is not just empty words from the sacred
Scripture which is a very powerful text
That everyone has to practice
And live every day


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