It is a scientific fact that hormones
Regulating and creating genes to reduce stress
The disease affects humans for a long time
Due to the size of the neocortex we
Can trigger stress response by bus
Thought alone but i think of us
Turn problems and those chemicals
This means that then our thoughts can
If it is possible ill
Thoughts can make us sick
Maybe our thoughts can make us
Well the answer is absolutely yes
This world is true that people want
Immediate action that we are the world
Live in instant gratification if so
I'm sick i need something right away
Solve the problem and of course we see
For the world of medicines for
Understand but the problem with this
Is that there are more effective ways of
Treatment now with energy problem
The treatment is that it actually involves
Conscious mind and our ability
Change our belief system well
Takes a bit more work than
Taking a bullet you know people are busy
Getting all these diseases and all these
Sickness these days and i say to a great extent
We're out of whack out of whack
Tremor out of harmony with nature
That we are living an artificial life
A natural environment and extent
That we can come back together in harmony
Our body will get a natural environment
Return to harmony with health
What are those feelings again
Let's relate to existence
Anger aggression malice hatred
Competition fear worry worry pain
Victim crime is shame
Jealousy jealousy is created by them all
Hormones of Stress and Psychology
Calls them normal human condition
Consciousness i change those
State ofPerson in Brown Coat Holding a News Paper
So we miss those people
Due to high traumatic events
Better to be alive if it's ready
Happens again that one is in another
Survival gene can change on you
Really ten great things happen
You and you are the only one in your day
Bad thing that happens and you can't
Get your attention off that bad
That is sad because the survival gene
Is switched on i was teaching in a
Medical school and i were teaching
Concept about genes and all
Of course jean and they heard of
Genes are believed to control their lives
You know what's going on in my family
Diabetes alzheimer's cancer whatever
It is and they say oh my goodness i'm one
Recipients of such genes and this is
My life is going and it's a belief
Hunting forWoman Leaning on Handrail
Heredity is running in my red
- And I'm going to get these genes and
I can not control it there is a new biology
That makes this whole thing spin around
Because it shows that there is no gene
Control our lives
This is our belief in our reaction
The environment is the environment
That affect genes
Well there is relevance about that
We can change our perception so we can
If we change our environment we won't
We are really masters but we suffer
Need to know that we really have to come
With an understanding that we are
Build our life because if your
Believe you are a victim believe it
Translated into biology you become one
Suffer if you believe so
Your good intentions are not going
Save the world how are you and you
Change only when you breathe
Lie down
Sit happily
If you can't do this one thing
Everything else will be just poison
Whatever you took when you were
You feel happy inside yourself
Pleasant about everything around you
Only when you feel happy

Everything around you moves around you
With a certain feeling and value to life
Around you otherwise it doesn't matter
How much morals do you have
You will remember many scriptures
Find possible ways to do it brutally
First and foremost
First and basic occupation
Responsibility for a human being is how
He sits you're sitting here enjoy
You are sitting here with something
Grief building up in your head
It's the most important thing you have
To participate only after everything
And I like to define a balanced life
Purposely proportionally
Directing energy to things andCrop anonymous black male freelancer working on netbook in park cafe
The people that really matter in your life
Balance i don't see as balance
50/50 is balanced like a scale
Not how I see balance
Proportionally directing my energy
Really things and people
Talking in my life and when i am able
To direct its energy proportionally.
Know my life is in balance but if my
Energy is not proportionally directed
For the things and people that matter
My life then my life is not a balance
How many of you have something
Life is some unfinished business
Stressful and so you don't stop it
Even try to think about it
Your business can be in your personal
Life can be a relationship
Got something you need at home or at work
Be handled and you close it
You are so stressed that you are leaving a lot
Whatever you can do like this
Think of a particularly awesome
Here i want you on 0
10 if you were trying to deal with it
nowCrop businessman using smartphone while resting on bench with takeaway coffee
Honestly 10 is absolutely stressful zero
It's not like where i am
Numbers say it out loud
How many if got a 7 or above stress
You will focus on the right cuz
Now i am going to give you revenge for hockey
A quick technique for two minutes
Dozens and dozens of these but ended
For most you will see here
What we found has been researched
How do we get tense and some of our stuff
Interesting when they're searching
Heart born in your heart starts beating
The birth when you're alive i'm not
Born outside and inside the womb
When your heart starts there is no brain
To beat that makes your heart beat
It has its own intelligence that affects it
Brain it affects your life it affects
When we are in our head we do everything
Dead we overanalyze we look at things
Get out of stress but in our heart
These researchers did know the answer
He was nominated for the Nobel Prize
Because they found that if you focus on
Your heart laid hands on your heart
Let's go ahead and put our hands on it
In your heart and really if you will
I think it will get up just stand up
You have more parts of your body
Sitting for so long your body just jake out
Here for just a second if for a second
You're at home do everything right
Put your two hands on you now
The heart breathes deep inside your heart
Close your eyes if you want
Feel your hands touch your heart
The power of your heart and what we are
We are going for two minutes
Remember the former thankful
I said you can't have two feelings
This mess or anger and they mess shit
They mess up their relationships
Financial decision they messed up
Career things he made with a few things
Our children but when you are grateful
When you're thankful you can't be angry
Can't be afraid that's why we're going to spend
Two minutes of gratitude but we're
Focus on our heart because research
Energy flow goes wherever the focus goes
And when you focus on the heart
How your brain really changes
Functions i can show you an image
When you are frustrated and you will see
Ekgs of G is electric power
Your mind is in your heart and they
Jagged and they will be all over us
Maybe when they put it on the screen
Cut it but if you breathe
For two minutes the heart is focused on three
Things you are grateful for
They literally go round in sync and
They won and when they won you
The heart responds, so let's take a deep breath
Your heart starts breathing
Feel from the bottom of your heart
Your heart feels strong
Feel the beauty of your heart
Heart are you proud your heart is
Guided you to do so in this life
Or to give or to love to enjoy or feel
Your heart is hundred
Thousand times a day and you don't have
You don't need to do anything
Really love you so much
Giving you this heart
You didn't have to earn it to begin with
You didn't have to prove yourself
You didn't have to prove your ability
Knows something you deserve and gave you
This gift and God is called the universe
Whatever you say but feel
Powerful heart that beats and lasts forever
For you and decades
And thanks for this


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