Tom Bilyeu Best Ever Motivational Speeches COMPILATION | MOST INSPIRATIONAL Articl EVER

  1. I always wondered as Aaron Yahya
  2. Why do birds live in one place
  3. They can fly anywhere on Earth and then
  4. I ask myself the same questions as Mark
  5. Twain told it the secret to moving forward
  6. Is starting and this is where
  7. People get stuck you're really like
  8. Bird you want to fly anywhere

  1. You can go anywhere and you want to go
  2. Look i know you got a litany
  3. Excuses and all of them are valid
  4. Got a job you just can't leave well
  5. Don't have a job and you don't have
  6. Your family's money is in one place
  7. The only thing you ever know
  8. You speak only one language you have never
  9. You haven't made a trip before
  10. Passport you can't pay gas
  11. There are a thousand real reasons for not doing
  12. Go, but the truth is that none of them
  13. The truth is that if you want to build
  14. There is something in your life that you have to do
  15. Remember what Mark Twain told you
  16. To start at the end of because
  17. Days that are virtually the same thing
  18. He's holding you back
  19. You are not moving and once you get
  20. Once you understand that simplicity
  21. That you could work now
  22. You all say excuses
  23. Making them you can stop giving in
  24. They don't matter how legitimate they are
  25. No matter how real they may seem to you
  26. Decide at the end that you are going to get
  27. A permit you are going to make
  28. The speed you are going to take
  29. Steps that you are demanding
  30. That you get the speed you get
  31. Did something but you get one
  32. Jawab or Hannibal said that you are
  33. Going to find a way or if you make one
  34. Trucking is to engrave through Rock Doo
  35. This is because you have done it before humans
  36. And this is the simple truth
  37. Simple truth and everything else
  38. Is everyone else weak
  39. The voice in your mind holding you back and
  40. You are making yourself a lesser version
  41. I ask you
  42. Wherever a bird flies, why does it not fly
  43. Wants to go because that's all
  44. Known because what is safe
  45. Is it comfortable or because
  46. It's a dumb animal what do you do
  47. Want to be if this life is not you
  48. Wanna do something about it
  49. As Albert Einstein said don't try
  50. Be a success man but try
  51. To be a man of value it is
  52. Something i think about a lot
  53. End of day success is incredible
  54. Motivating and accomplishing your goals
  55. And your dreams are such that I
  56. Wanted to do since i was a little kid
  57. It's a driving force in my life
  58. But through all of that time
  59. The joy I have felt the most times
  60. The safest time is my concern
  61. And my stress was reduced to zero
  62. Times where i feel like i'm going the most
  63. True to myself where i was trying
  64. Really i have become a person of substance
  65. I wasn't looking for something external
  66. Was focused inward and trying to develop
  67. The person i am becoming what i had
  68. Some code i was living by
  69. Not really deciding what just
  70. Externally looks like success but what
  71. Does that mean being a good person
  72. It means being an effective person
  73. What does it mean to be worthy of trust
  74. And those things at the end of the day
  75. Those things are something that when you
  76. Invest in finding value in it
  77. Takes you somewhere amazing and brusque
  78. Lee said that knowledge will give you
  79. Power but character will give you
  80. Respect and at the end of the day i
  81. Really can't think of anything better
  82. I can't think of anything more
  83. When i'm alone i have to keep company
  84. There is nothing but silence around when
  85. All i can hear is my own voice
  86. Thinks only what is going to do
  87. Bring me or you relax it's an honor
  88. Self love is knowing who you really are
  89. And knowing that you are true to him
  90. When no one is looking and that too
  91. The notion of being a guide
  92. Light of principle
  93. You move through that you're always truthful
  94. And then in moments of stress
  95. The illusion of them is that you
  96. Moments of deepest desire are you
  97. It's still true that you all think
  98. About to be norstar
  99. The person you want when you are
  100. Be your guiding light while you live
  101. It is true that nothing can hurt you
  102. Because nothing will make you
  103. Feel bad about yourself once
  104. You know who you are and you are true
  105. Nothing else matters
  106. As walt disney said if you can dream it
  107. Now you can make me laugh
  108. I know some people now
  109. Hearing that they say
  110. They are just limits of what humans can do
  111. I do and I get feedback that I understand
  112. I used to answer everything
  113. That the only difficulty I saw
  114. Looked at only the ways in which it was
  115. Couldn't work and i couldn't see
  116. I was really blinded by fear
  117. Blinded by some bizarre sense of pride
  118. He wanted to justify my limited
  119. Did not want to exist
  120. Face that i can be more that i
  121. Couldn't be more that my life was
  122. Anyhow what else could it be
  123. So I'll laugh at that kind of quotes and
  124. I know the cold i am having right now
  125. Still people are
  126. Laugh at him and all they can think
  127. All they can think about is the border
  128. About the things that prove it
  129. Wrong and think what's wrong there
  130. Actually there are limits but if you
  131. Focus your time on what you are doing
  132. Never going to make that speed
  133. You really need to make something
  134. Truth can build you up in your life
  135. Virtually anything but if you're hung
  136. On the virtual part if you
  137. If you go immediately stop it
  138. For the things that eventually limit you
  139. And hold you back where you are
  140. the Lodger
  141. Forever because if you argue for yourself
  142. Limits guess what my friend they are
  143. You are now and congratulations to you
  144. You get to live in that box
  145. In that self-defined prison but if like
  146. Teddy Roosevelt said that instead you
  147. Keep your eyes on the stars and your
  148. Feet on the ground and you don't work
  149. Like someone who can't see for sure
  150. There are limits there are edges for this
  151. Universe but you are watching
  152. That's not how you see it
  153. Actually executed you are dreaming big and
  154. You are missing your feet
  155. Is ultimately the point of contact
  156. Where the rubber meets the road is
  157. Moment to do this and if so, instead
  158. To reject it because your feet want
  159. Remember to stick on the ground
  160. Keep your feet on the ground
  161. This is the moment of action
  162. Moment to do something about it
  163. This is the moment to see
  164. Possibilities and then doing
  165. Something is making it so real
  166. Skip over those weird mental systems
  167. That you really want to fight for
  168. Things that are not possible to get
  169. People believe that to get people
  170. Understand why you have chosen to stand
  171. Still explain themselves instead
  172. That you keep going and what not to do
  173. You know what you're destined to do
  174. [music]
  175. Here is a hard truth
  176. Great it takes time and dedication
  177. Wishes to accept
  178. You're not good enough yet who takes it
  179. The ability to stare at the places you
  180. Know you're really weak
  181. Those things and don't let them affect you
  182. A sense of self-respect and not letting it happen
  183. Influence your sense of self worth
  184. You can still get speed but
  185. You have to understand that
  186. The beginning we're all terrible and as
  187. Henry Cartier-Bresson said that your first
  188. 10,000 photos are your worst
  189. The thing that really makes great art
  190. Are the people who move forward and
  191. People who continue to work
  192. How inadequate they are actually facing
  193. Understand at the end of the day
  194. Greatness is a craft greatness
  195. Process greatness is a habit greatness
  196. Little things you do
  197. day
  198. Overtime happens unknowingly every day
  199. Is it one of 10,000 or not
  200. Awesome things you're going to do
  201. It is unknown to make them
  202. Mistakes as misconceptions that you are
  203. Not yet great and Marianne Rad as producer
  204. Said courage doesn't always make war
  205. Sometimes courage is a quiet voice
  206. Saying the end of the day i will try
  207. Tomorrow again
  208. And if you want to be great then this is
  209. What you have to do is
  210. Rise again tomorrow you are
  211. Ready to face another day you've got
  212. Be prepared to believe you've got
  213. Go through bad thoughts in front of you
  214. You can get to do good
  215. Understand that you have to start as one
  216. The Apprentice You have to start as a person
  217. Going and getting tea
  218. Accept that this is what you do
  219. That should be the game you should be
  220. Must work for someone else
  221. Looking to see someone else
  222. What can they teach you because what are you
  223. Know you are there
  224. Do you notice that you are there
  225. Through ten thousand bad photos
  226. That you need to get through
  227. Eventually achieve greatness and if you
  228. Make such a terrible error
  229. Many try to tell the world
  230. Today you are extraordinary for trying to achieve
  231. World to follow you and see
  232. You think you are something
  233. Today because people who live
  234. Which are the best today
  235. What you hear today
  236. Spend every ounce of their energy
  237. amassing mastery getting better every
  238. Their asses are working to make the day better
  239. His skill is determined to be consistent
  240. Things they are not doing well
  241. To understand that they have to be broken
  242. Lower yourself and get rid of all
  243. Before they can actually find their ego
  244. Greatness is the people we are
  245. If you want to remember remember
  246. If you want to achieve real greatness
  247. All you need is courage
  248. Show every day and take another swing
  249. Take another picture try another thing
  250. Something that scares you and does
  251. Small things again and again
  252. Until you win
  253. Greatness is the most sought after mistress
  254. Are you going to encounter anytime and i
  255. Advice that i am about to understand
  256. You are not for everyone
  257. It should stop but if you are
  258. If you're going to listen stay with me
  259. I want to say that it's because of you
  260. Want something tremendous in your life
  261. You want to be different from everyone else
  262. You want to do something other than
  263. People think as possible as you
  264. If you want to stand outside the norm
  265. Understand if this is the case for you
  266. As Albert Einstein said only one
  267. Who dedicates himself to a cause with him
  268. May all power and soul be a true
  269. Guru ji
  270. For this reason mastery is the demand of all
  271. If you want to be great then person
  272. Really want to set your own skills
  273. If you want to be able to do something
  274. And at the end of the day if you want
  275. Change the world if you want to make
  276. Grand change if all you want to do
  277. That all empty words
  278. People tell me all the time
  279. The only thing you are going to do
  280. Separates you from everyone
  281. We are only speaking the words
  282. We will never do anything to give
  283. To do it perfectly myself
  284. Let go of the passion you love
  285. Fully consume you and in it
  286. Only chance to become a really great lie
  287. As friends Kafka said don't bow down
  288. Do not try to rationalize underwater
  289. Rather follow your deepest
  290. Passion you can do it mercilessly
  291. Can you suffer mercilessly
  292. Can you capture something you do
  293. Where all reason and reason have passed
  294. The window and the only thing
  295. Whether you are or not
  296. You will complete yourself
  297. You'll be responsible for the metrics
  298. World and see i am really making
  299. Change you're ready to catch yourself
  300. To that standard because if you are
  301. If you can't do nothing then
  302. Are you ready to take that
  303. Responsibility to change oneself
  304. As a human being if you
  305. If you are getting great
  306. Yourself on that passion if you
  307. If you feed an animal, feed it as
  308. You feed it like you light a fire
  309. That can sweep an entire mountain
  310. Then you have got a chance but you got it
  311. Burn inside you like you've got
  312. Feed it like you got it to feed
  313. The skills you have got to get better
  314. The day you have to constantly wake up and get
  315. Really understand what it is
  316. Build on that side and build on the side
  317. It is with a finesse that other
  318. People think other people are hysterical
  319. You can only see the madness in what you do
  320. If you can push yourself to that level
  321. Then the world will bend as you wish
  322. An evolved avi kant revealed the only way
  323. Really learning something is yes
  324. Listen to the guidance but don't wait
  325. Such a powerful idea and i know it right
  326. Now you are listening to this because you
  327. You want inspiration you want to be inspired
  328. But my biggest fear is
  329. You will be inspired you will be inspired
  330. And that would be just a decreasing art
  331. Minutes after hearing this
  332. Video that ends with nothing to do with you
  333. And I really hope for what I want
  334. And the reason why i give myself
  335. I know how to make these completely
  336. On the other hand some percentage of you
  337. It will eventually be ready for
  338. Take that first step
  339. You realize that the only thing
  340. This is a matter of action and you will raise
  341. That action and it's in that action
  342. Your potential greatness awaits and
  343. Martin Luther King said take it
  344. You don't have the first step in trust
  345. Take the whole ladder take the bus
  346. First step you got to believe
  347. You can learn that you don't have
  348. Believe you are already capable
  349. Do not do what you want
  350. Believe that you can build already
  351. You don't have the dream you have
  352. Believe you already
  353. Extraordinary you just have to believe
  354. If you take that first step
  355. Not on a journey of execution
  356. You put yourself on a journey

  357. Learning so that you can execute and
  358. That when you understand that difference
  359. When you're really on
  360. The road to greatness and that thing
  361. That i want to hear for everyone
  362. Please understand this
  363. You need to know what to do
  364. Whatever the vision is take the first step
  365. It's for your life
  366. Of course it can come true and
  367. The process is very simple
  368. Process is about learning
  369. Growing up and getting better at it
  370. Recognizing that you are not good at it
  371. Recognizing what you need to learn
  372. It's about that first step
  373. Trust believe you can be better
  374. You are great not on faith
  375. That you can be the greatest
  376. Once you believe in you
  377. Know that just being a human
  378. Puts you in this rare category
  379. Creatures that can get better
  380. Pressure through pain through difficulty
  381. Those things through failure
  382. That there are going to be building blocks
  383. For your success but to start
  384. The road to be your first
  385. Great failure you should take first
  386. First step please don't waste
  387. Your time has been inspired
  388. Spend all your time
  389. Move on how are you doing
  390. Where do you want to go
  391. As daniel ping said people fail
  392. Not mastered because they are not
  393. Are talented but not because they are
  394. Wonderful news about disciplined
  395. The human condition is that you can do good
  396. Anything you set your mind to do it
  397. Just isn't going to be easy and it's not
  398. Hurry but desire to put
  399. What is going to be different in that work
  400. Begging you and me
  401. You can see yourself now as of today
  402. Know better than anyone else as average
  403. But i beg you with more force
  404. Know how to express this language
  405. See yourself as malleable
  406. Able to be anything in itself
  407. You really wanna be
  408. Extraordinary if you can get in
  409. Discipline yourself to be with it
  410. Long time and as Steve Martin said
  411. Perseverance is a great option for this
  412. Talent
  413. Everyone wants to talk about who
  414. Everyone sees a talented person
  415. With innate talent as if they had
  416. Something magical but for me it's a gift
  417. This is a handout this is not a freebie
  418. Earned and no matter what it is
  419. It's only the beginning for anyone
  420. Even if you meet soon there is talent
  421. Win if you let someone outline you
  422. You let someone who has more
  423. Perseverance more patience
  424. They are going to do better than you
  425. You a long enough time only
  426. I can guarantee that you will be out
  427. Work by someone until you put in your work
  428. Heart and soul are getting great if you
  429. If you apply yourself don't cut the day
  430. As if your life depended on it
  431. When you do this, you should
  432. As a chance to be great and Robert Hori
  433. Said pressure can burst the pipe but it can
  434. You want make diamonds too
  435. The pressure you got to get things
  436. You can't find easy to be tough
  437. life
  438. You just can't hope and pray that you
  439. Can uncover some talent inside you
  440. It has been determined that you do not know
  441. That things are going to be easy
  442. Don't wanna be easy for you
  443. Want hard pressure want talk
  444. He'll turn you into something
  445. Because when it's easy you don't work
  446. For this
  447. When it's easy you don't push it
  448. Easy you go through
  449. It's for all those who are willing to give
  450. To sweat blood and to tears
  451. Be what they want to be
  452. So badly because they are
  453. Angry that he was never given
  454. Anything and with that chip
  455. Shoulders they are determined to be
  456. Anything they set their mind to
  457. Whether you have talent or not
  458. The only thing that matters
  459. Will you stay firmly with you
  460. It's too long to get great
  461. [music]
  462. As Thomas Edison said our biggest
  463. Weakness lies in giving the most
  464. The surest way to succeed is to always try
  465. Once i know they are going to be one
  466. Million times in your life where you
  467. Where do you want to leave
  468. Pain with a desire to leave where
  469. Nothing sits inside your stomach
  470. Apart from the certainty that you are
  471. To fail that you are not good
  472. Enough to move on but that's
  473. Fundamentally misunderstood nature
  474. A failure is the nature of a failure
  475. Not to tell you who you are
  476. One way for a failure is to tell you
  477. It did not work to inform
  478. Educate you to do this you have to test to do this
  479. Do a gut check if you believe
  480. Push enough to move on its own
  481. When the world is telling you
  482. Brian tracy didn't say
  483. Try impossible to
  484. Think about it to improve your work
  485. Second impossible only attempt
  486. Better to try the things that you are
  487. Know that things are going to fail
  488. The world is going to tell you just can't
  489. Even if it violates the laws
  490. Physics if there's anything
  491. Try to know you're going to
  492. It's the one you give yourself
  493. Moral obligation because try for everyone
  494. People lying on your wake
  495. There are people who just didn't try
  496. Because they didn't believe they
  497. Can you get it done
  498. Look at the world you want to be ready
  499. Seeing things you think yourself
  500. Impossible and try because of that
  501. You will stretch yourself you will be
  502. Is ready to see incoming in the state of
  503. Your current skill set and say i'm going
  504. To play outside
  505. Going to play safe words
  506. Where i hurts, i'm going to play
  507. Where i feel clumsy i'm going to play
  508. Only in the areas that make me feel
  509. Because i know stupid
  510. The way the brain reacts
  511. Customization but i have to emphasize myself
  512. You can never lose sight of him
  513. The only way that the human animal adapts is
  514. You have to be ready through stress
  515. Break things to make something
  516. New if you want to push
  517. Limitations if you want to see how
  518. If you want to be successful you can go
  519. The highest level if you want to play
  520. A global scale you've got
  521. Because the impossible is ready to try
  522. The things you need to do now
  523. Impossible for you but they won't
  524. Stay that way forever and as Aristotle
  525. Said pleasure gives perfection
  526. It doesn't have to be one at work
  527. Story of always being afraid
  528. Was screaming to tell you
  529. You need to do something
  530. Great part they are going out
  531. Why should you care
  532. You should do this character
  533. The biggest joy is only you should listen
  534. If it's taking you down a path
  535. It makes you feel more alive and
  536. This is the point to enter
  537. Contact something that makes you feel
  538. Great but don't let yourself starve
  539. Stop a fear that you will be thwarted by
  540. Afraid it can't be done
  541. Dare to enjoy yourself in fun
  542. Dare to go out and try
  543. Something adventurous and terrible
  544. Knowing that if you are doing it all together
  545. That's right you have a good time
  546. So it's all trying balls
  547. Trying to prove himself something
  548. Never miss something amazing
  549. Never lose it to make a better life
  550. The fact that you are doing it
  551. to make
  552. The person you never want to be
  553. Lose sight of the fact that it should be
  554. happiness
  555. One of the greatest as kurt vonnegut
  556. In modern times, writers said that when I write
  557. I feel as if a weaponless heirloom
  558. He had crayons in his mouth but still
  559. It's like this
  560. You are great going to hear from you
  561. Shouldn't hear it was easy
  562. It is not going to listen that they committed suicide and
  563. Greatest of all time is also good
  564. Weird that they're not clumsy
  565. Never as good as they want to be
  566. But what i want you to understand is
  567. Although Kurt Vonnegut said
  568. Many of the books he wrote are words
  569. Changed people's lives that changed
  570. Literature scenario because in spite of this
  571. The fact that he felt weird and clumsy
  572. He kept doing it
  573. Had to push myself
  574. Step by step whenever
  575. The process was not rewarded at all
  576. He believed he knew something
  577. What was he trying to do
  578. Eventually he gets better if he knew that
  579. Wanted to accomplish something great
  580. That he was pushing through
  581. Weird and that's very tricky
  582. All you have to do to be great
  583. You have to go you have to
  584. First step you have to push
  585. Drive every time you try to get
  586. A little better you have to try
  587. Do not fall prey to your own doubts and
  588. Insecurity and as stated by Joan Amos
  589. Why are you not going all the way
  590. All but doing it in front of him
  591. Afraid it's doing
  592. Difficulties it's not just because
  593. Someone great what they tell you
  594. Either must do it all the way to play
  595. Hard or go home they are not saying
  596. Because the process is in itself
  597. Rewarding because they're saying
  598. There is something they are trying
  599. To accomplish this it demands that
  600. They are ready to play on a world
  601. Stage and once you know why you are
  602. You're a bar sits on something
  603. Your core
  604. And despite the hard pain
  605. Weird maybe it takes you
  606. No matter what pushes forward and
  607. As Hannibal said is the greatest
  608. All-Time Military Leader I Comprehensive
  609. Find a way or i will make one and he said
  610. As if he were crossing elephants
  611. The alps when you think
  612. Face difficulties and trying to
  613. Do what you are trying to accomplish
  614. Think of that man
  615. Amass an army
  616. Climb a mountain and say no
  617. Impossible, but if not there instead
  618. There is already a way I will make one
  619. And when you can look at that when you
  620. When you can see your own inadequacy
  621. You can accept that you were not yet
  622. Quite good but you know you will put
  623. To go there you know
  624. You will learn the things you need
  625. Know that you will push and you will


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